Problem Solving- Working Backwards Strategy

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Hello Students,

Please solve these word problems for homework tonight. Write out the steps to how you solved it and show how you checked your answer.

1. A number is divided by 4.  Next, 8 is subtracted from the quotient.  Then 6 is added to the difference.  And last of all, it is multiplied by 10.  If the result is 560, what is the number?

2. The number of pounds of hair gel Michael uses a year is divided by ten. Then add 5. Multiplied by 4 the result is 28. How much hair gel does he use a year?

3.Julia volunteered at the church to work in the kichen at 5:00 am on Sunday. It takes mikey 30 minutes to get to the church. It takes Sarah,Julia,Allie and Katie 25 minutes to get to mikeys apartment.If it takes sarah,julia,allie and katie one hour to get ready, what time do the girls wake up?

4. A number is multiplied by 2, then you add -8. The result is 24. WHAT IS THE NUMBER!?

5. 8 more toilets exploded in Nashville than Springfield . 5 times more toilets exploded in albany than nashville. 90 toilets exploded in all. How many toilets exploded in Springfield

6. A man is walking to the bathroom, the bathroom is located on what block number of west avenue. He divides by 2 blocks and then he subtracts two blocks. He multiplies the number by 4.  He started on block #28.

4 Responses to “Problem Solving- Working Backwards Strategy”

  1.   Isabel Says:

    In #5 how many toilets exploded in Albany. Otherwise I can’t solve the problem. Also why is it exploding toilets?
    And Micheals hair gel.


  2.   addi Says:

    1. (S) 560/10=56 56-6=50 50+8=58 58×4=232
    (C) 232/4=58 58-8=50 50+6=56 56×10=560

    2. (S) 28/4=7 7×10=70
    (C) 70/10=7 7×4=28
    ANSWER:70 pounds

    3. (S) 1hour+25mins=1hour25mins
    (C) 5:00-3:05am=1hour55min
    ANSWER:the girls have to wake up at 3:05am

    4. (S) 24+8=32 32/2=16
    (C) 16×2=32 32-8=24

    6. (S) 28/4=7 7+2=9 9×2=18
    (C) 18/2=9 9-2=7 7×4=28
    ANSWER:block #18


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